I decided to write a haiku:

what is a bedbug?

itching paranoia.

Gross. Fuck you bedbugs.

Fortunately, I no longer live at the house on Broadway (4 brighton ave), with a scumlord named Jason, who rents out bedbug infested rooms, with a crack head whore, Kymber, living upstairs, and an alcoholic hobo, Mikey, who slept next to my room door. (?) What a crap hole. The entire Broadway looks like somalia, speckled with prostitutes at every corner. This is what goverment welfare creates: a huge societal bedbug. (like Jason)


this is just twisted

this is just twisted


  1. Elhadji

    That’s why these days I travel with an leigtwgihht inflatable mat and a silk(ish) sleeping bag… Between the both of them they add less than 2 kg to my luggage, but knowing that however unhygienic your accommodation you can sleep somewhere clean is invaluable IMO.Although I’d expect to find bedbugs somewhere in the Third World, not in Hong Kong… If I may ask, what kind of accommodation did you have, some youth hostel or something more “rustic”?

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