Let me get this straight,

The coronavirus only effects business owners and working people but antifa and democrats who riot are not effected and the curfews and social distancing doesn’t apply to them? Yea, that makes sense.

Let’s be real. Angry democrats still haven’t accepted that Trump won the election and now they are protesting and destroying their own (95% of DC voted democrat) city in response to George Floyd’s death, because Trump killed George Floyd. (?) Yea, that makes sense.

And the angry democrats new brilliant strategy is to loot and destroy businesses because anarchy plastered on the news is a way to win the vote of people of want jobs. Yea, that makes sense.

In conclusion, angry democrats don’t make sense. Here they are shaming their own democrat mayor in Minneapolis because Frey won’t defund the police, lol

you have to be a complete moron to support getting rid of the police

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