Mail in ballots

I know I brought luggage to my measly 6 hour work shifts

Just one question, how does one know if a mail in ballot is valid?

Answer: you don’t.

Our voting system needs to be redone. As of now, in maryland, I have no way of knowing if my vote was actually counted and to whom it went to. Why is that?

Every vote should be trackable, not-anonymous, but private as in no one has the right to know who you voted for, but it can be attributed to you.

Now we have this fraud that is mail in ballots. Are all mailed in ballots fraud? No obviously. Is it possible to defraud in person voting? Yes. The issue is that the scale of potential fraud with mail in ballots is much higher since its much easier to dump a suitcase full of ballots than to register people in multiple locations and have them vote in multiple places for example.

For people who see no issue with this, lets look at this from a tech perspective: mail in ballots is the equivalent of an open mail relay server. Any sane IT person knows, you DO NOT RUN open mail relays because they will be abused, as in, mail can be sent to and from anyone without any accountability. The same applies for mail in ballots. If I should print out or harvest 2000 ballots, fill them out, and drop them off at a ballot drop box, why wouldn’t they be counted?

At this point of the argument, normally, a partisan will say, this won’t happen because they will be prosecuted, which is an absurd argument, since as previously noted, there’s no way to track who dropped off the ballots. With their feigned naivete, you would think they have never received spam email before because spammers would be prosecuted, according to their logic.

The second issue and potentially more important issue is: how are these ballots counted? Is each ballot verified to be on a voter roll and if so by whom? The same workers who are denying GOP poll watchers from viewing ballot counting? Why is that occurring? The fact is people will make mistakes counting votes, and in this case, most likely intentionally.

If a ballot has been mailed already and then someone votes, how long does it take for a voter roll to note that the person has voted already? If it hasn’t been updated by the time a person votes in person or via multiple mail in ballots, is there even a check to invalidate multiple votes?

Most likely, none of these checks are actually occurring or occur after the votes have been counted.

Although there isn’t hard proof yet, only videos of people buying votes, districts recording more votes than there are registered votes, updates with 100% mail in votes for Biden (statistically near impossible), and bringing suitcases of ballots at 4am (after all ballots should have been received) into counting rooms while GOP poll watchers are locked out, one can only assume this election is rampant with fraud by the left.

The way to stop this descent into a banana republic, is to have a free, fair, and accountable voting system. What should be setup is an intranet, that is not connected to the internet. Have kiosks setup that accept a government ID, at which point you scan your ID, vote on kiosk, and you receive a unique receipt that is trackable. This data is then stored in a secure datacenter perhaps in a blockchain data object so that each change is trackable. The tricky part would be setting up the private internet which would probably require infrastructure dedicated to voting. However, this infrastructure could then be used for other services.

After thinking about this a bit more, the crux of the issue is, the concept of an election. Without an election, there is only a need to compare the registered voters for each party and the side with more registered voters wins. How would this play out? Undoubtedly, once 100% registration of eligible voters is achieved the question then becomes, does that mean the side with the most registered voters automatically wins? No, because people do not necessarily vote for the party candidate such as when 10% of republicans voted for obama in 2008. And this is why there is an election which is to say on a set date, the candidate with the most motivated voters wins.

Similar to a contest, an election is a measure of the enthusiasm of a voter for the candidate/platform. An unsolicited mailed in ballot is at odds with the concept of an election, as it does not measure anything other than a ballot harvester’s efficiency.

Clearly, it is to the detriment of a democratic peoples to flood an election with uninformed and unmotivated voters since they do not care about the candidate with the best ideas or merit. And if this occurs, a candidate with potentially little merit but more efficient political machine wins. This marks the descent into tyranny as the controlling political machine necessarily has a monopoly on the levers of government. One only needs to look at congress where politicians have served for decades, to realize this.

And that is where we are now in America, where a ruling elite present the facade of choice while unelected officials of the sprawling bureaucracies control the dials of the self serving political machinem

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