1. Leigh

    Tommy, I’m sorry to bother you on here, but I have no other way. Could you please help me gain access to my site? At the very least I would like to just get rid of it…that Curtis Stone article haunts me…

      • Lee

        Wow…really? I guess you were more of a jerk than I thought…what did I ever do to you besides not be the girl you wanted me to be? Fine, loveleigh.life is over then. I’m never trusting men again.

          • Lee

            The worst part about this for me, is knowing that I was worried that this might happen when I trusted you in the beginning, and you reassured me that I shouldn’t worry that you would try to hurt me with this or use it against me. It hurts to realize that I thought you were so different from the rest. You lie just like every other man…

          • tommyludwig

            i might be reading that wrong, but it sounds like you kinda like me. if you dont mind, id prefer if we kept our dysfunctional communications off my website. ill fax you

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